Friday, 1 May 2015



its been long time i've never post my entry. the reason is i dont have intresting story to tell. So for now i think i got one. haha

yup i'm addicted to english tv show called "Awkward" crazy huh? haha..
i watched a haunted house 2 alone then i found this one actress n she looks familiar. i mean i think i did saw her in a movie, others movie. Then i suddenly remember that shes also play role in a horror movie called " at the devils door". yup i watched that movie although i noe that movie has the lowest ranking ever.

okay so i google her. She is Ashley Rickards.omg she's beautiful :) i think i have girl's crush on her haha. kidding!
so i search her role in others movie. i look in u tube n i found the most sweetest kiss ever "jake and jenna " hahaha jake and jenna are the role's name in Awkward. I keep watching all the kisses by jake and Jenna.. LOL.
After i found its sooo sweet i told myself that i wanna watch the tv show. then, i download all seasons from season1 till season 4 damn! i watched it every single day. i couldnt stop !! i love it.

the thing is the final season which is season 5 still not come out but the trailer is already come out. they probably come out on August 2015. OMG. i cant wait that long n maybe i'm entering COLLEGE that time T_T please released earlyy !!!!

 i love Awkward so much!! love u guyss..muahhkss

p/s: i think i team brian hahahah..matty for sure =D
P/S/S: Collin so hawwwttttttt omggggggggg T_T i think they have chemistry a lotttttt why Jenna why :)
P/S/S/S: when i watch "Awkward i suddenly remember my high school life.... A lot of drama during that time.. and i think Awkward is the story of MY LIFE:)

Wednesday, 29 April 2015



Well.. What is muet? Muet is the short form of Malaysian University English Test. Most of ipt students they have to sit for this test. Its kinda must for us. As yall know, im an ipts student so they dont really need it but i still wanna take the test. It sounds crazy, who the hell wanna sit for this test as u noe this is english test, its including speaking,writing, reading and listening. Creepy right?! Haha nahh for me :P

Many students scared to take this test, same goes to me dude. Im also scared but i just think in a positive way. If we keep saying we r not good in english, we r weak in english how its going to improve?? So thts what i think.

Im not really good in english. Honestly. I got B for my spm. Terrible. The thing is , im not doing well in writing. Why? This is due to lack of reading. I hate reading but i try my best to read. Haha  so thts the reason. When it goes to oral, i kinda like it coz its fun. I can talk everything about anything.'hehe

Fyi, i used to sit for muet last july. But why again? I got band 2 only.guess what, i dont really shock coz i didnt study at all haha

So next year which is on march, im gonna sit  for the second time. Wish me luck. I target for band 4! Gahagahaha inshaa Allah

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Turki i'm coming


Its been a long time ive never update right! Haha im soo sorry uguys coz lately this time im too busy for doing something.

Guess what!
I went to Turkey with my beloved family. (zarshan)
First of all i would like to thanks to my ayah n ibu for giving us chance to experience live n explore others country. Love u both soo much till jannah 💜

We went to istanbul then ankara then bursa then back to istanbul back then going back malaysia. Such a wonderful journey:) my family and i stay at Turkey for almost 2 weeks what can i say is i dont wanna go backk i wanna stay for a long timeeee. Before this, ive been to HK and we just stayed at there about 4 days and i felt like i dont like hong kong much coz i keep wanting to go back to malaysia. Maybe its because of the environment i mean the culture dude! Ita totally different hong kong is not an islamic country while Turkey is a muslim country its about 99% muslim peoples live there.

Fyi its cold in Turkey right now so the temperature will cause u to feel itchy all the time haaha and at 4 pm which is still petang at kl but in turkey its already night 😂😂👍

Lemme share my journey okay! Hiuihi😊

Day 1

We took qatar airways from Malaysia KLIA at 2 am and our journey took around 7 hours untill we transit at Doha international airport. We perform our subuh prayers at Doha and goin to toilet n taking pictures haha but i dont have mood 😂😭 coz its early in the morning and my knee was cramp,i cant feel the floor huhu
So we stay at Hamad intrnational airport for 1 hour then we took other qatar flight to continue our journey😊 It takes around 5 hours to ataturk international airport which located at Istanbul. my knee cramp back😭😭

We managed to sleep in flight as we reach at Istanbul at 10 in the morning.
We took a metro its kinda like lrt. From Ataturk, we took metro to Taksim where our apartment is at Taksim. My godd i really miss Taksim 😂😂😭😭😢
We walked around, asked people and finally we found our apartment. Guess whAt, the scenery was just like istanbul aku dtg movie haha😁 yeahh

Hilarous things happen when the owner of the apartment bring us to his apartment. My dad told him if he lies to my dad coz our aParment not at the building where we check in. He bring us to other building coz he said we are big family. We were shocking as we saw the front door was really like old house 😓😓 but we truly stunned as he open the door. Subhanallah inside is totaly different than outside thAts what people said 'dont judge book by its cover' hahaha home sweet home. We stay at his family building actually so more safety right:)

Nothings intresting in day 1 as we really jet lag but we managed ourself to walk around taksim and taking pictures.

Day 2 and 3

We woke up early and complete our journey :)

As usual we dont prefer to use taxi. We have istanbul card or metro card and the price is fixed which is 2 TL and we can go Any station we want 😊 cool ryte. Plus we also can use that card for trem.

Day 2 we walked around historical places like blue mosque, hagia sofya, sultaan ahmed n more.

Day 3 we went shoppinggg hahaa we took trem at day3 as metro could not reach eminonu station. Eminonu is the best place To go shooping. The pashmina the shoes the spices were cheaper compared to bazaar near the historical places. Alaa its kinda like central market at KL . Mahal kan. So its beetter for us to go to eminonu street :)

Day  5 6 7

We took a ship or ferry to Bursa  wooahh its kinda longg time journey. And its cold.

Before we took the ferry, we have to wait for 2 hours as we arrived to early hhaha . While waiting we met this one family a couple with one small dotter they are turkish but her husband really help us. He can speak english well .

Once we arrived at Bursa, the owner of the apartment took us. And once again, his aPartment was damnnnn nice 😄😄😄😊😊💜

Next day we went for shopping. One thing about Bursa, i feel awkward when i walked around there at bursa as bursa is not really a tourist place . So they were look us like alien from mars hahaha plus the price at the market was cheapper compared to istanbul 👍👍

Then next day we went to uludag mountain. We were not climbing the mountain hAHa we took a cabel car ..gaYAt gilaa
The pRice foR riding a cabel car is cheaper than langkawi u noe! Lol and its much more adventure n suspense and freak hAha  its soo damn high and i wonder how strong the cabel could hang and bring us to the cOldddd mountain :)
AlhaMdulillah we arrived safely. The most terrible thing and wOnderful thing was the climate is very beautiful n cold huhu its 1 degree celcius. U cant feel ur hand :)

Then next next day,we took a bus to Ankara, the capital city of Turkey:) my dad's fren stay there,they invited us to Stay at their house Alhamdulillah :)

My dad's fren , aunty zaini  lives at Ankara as She was married to Turkish man, uncle Orhan :) n has a son Muhammed:) he was soo cute and i miss him badly

So i think thats all About my journel hihi i just  summarised my memory coz i dont want my memory spending time with my family in Turkey lost n missing in Action hAhA hopefully and inshaa Allah we will go back to turkey inshaa Allah :)

Friday, 21 November 2014



Hi there first of all i want to apology to u guys coz i stopped update my post about guru ganti..why?? Im too busy n dont havr time to log in to this blog 😂😂 hehe

So today im not that free but so n so. I try my best to update my new post.

Meatured? In bahasa we called 'matang'.
Have u ever been in this situation where people dont believe ur actual age ? Or people expression like 'shock' when u tell ur actual age? Ahak ahak..honestly i dont think its funny. I mean that situation. Lol its happen to me.

As u guys noe im now working at my mom's school as a part time teacher. I'm in afternoon session so i have to come to school around 12.30-1.00 sometimes i come at 1 haha so if i come early, i can meet my mom coz shes in morning session.

The thing is cikgu2 get weird when they saw me n my mom too friendly each other. So they asked about me. My mom told them i'm her dotter. They were like huh?? Really?? Huhhahh?? What?? They dont believe!!! They stare at my face, they investigate me like i'm a culprit. N after they look and stare at my face they said" ishh ayu tak macam muka ayu pun..muka lain" n me just smile n laugh but dlm hati damn pergi mampus la kau!!

Im my mom's dotter.why we look different ? Okay look guys i have my dad's face. I bet u guys learn inheritence right!! So half my face looks like my dad n maybe quarter lil bit like my mom. Plus im wearing glasses! It makes me look
So meatured. Luckily, i changed my glasses before this i used to wear framless glasses booo i look toooo matang!! Mcm nenek kot.

Just now theres one teacher called me n asked "awak ni anak buah cikgu ayu ke anak dia ?" n me "anak sulung dye" n she was like umur berapa? "19" me said. N she silent for about 6 seconds. "awak nmpak matang laa" n me directly log in my blog n update this topic coz i think i cant handle it anymore!! Damn i hate them! 😭😭😢

So what makes people called me meatured?
- Im fat
- Im fat than my mom
- My mom small
- My mom kecil molek
- Taller than my mom
- Wearing glasses
- Muka banyk jerawat

Thats me..All me!! Most imprtnt thing i di t wanna blame my mom thats not her fault! Even my mom dont look like her mom(granny) at all. she looks more like her dad(atuk)

So makcik2 abang2 pakcik2 adik2 outhere!! Watch out! Gemuk boleh kurus!!

P/s: I will never accept a guy having rude n berlagak behaviour 😤😤

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Guru ganti (part3)


So how was yesterday? Okay yesterday was fine for me coz i have fun with my students. My first class i enter was okay they answered pendidikan islam's paper. I enter 1 opal class. They are naughty but they listen to my advice no talk at all. Theres one student always make noise. But i warned him.

Okay my next class was the most crazy class ever! They are all form 1 but the behaviour mashaa allah like form 5 students! I enter that class during kh paper. Fyi kh paper is not same for boys and girls. For boys they learned kemahiran teknikal but ert for girls. Then i separated the papers accordingly. Theres a big problem yesterday. KH PAPER WAS MESSY! some students didnt have page 7 for ert. Some of them espescially kt students they have missing page all of them! So after i look around to the next class the teacher said mmg cmtu dik oi! Okay settle for boys.

The problem is they cant stop talking! They talk nonesense about the picture in their question paper then they asked me answer. Huarghhh 😭😭😭😂

Lastly after a few minutes luckily kak wan aka pn.wan went to my class n replace my place. I went to her class. Her class is much more better. Okay thats all
Haha now i heading to 1 opal class for art paper. Huh bismillah😣😃

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Cikgu ganti (part2)


Hoho it supposes to update this morning but i'm too busy. So now im at school at my mom's table do nothing coz i dont have class. So its time to update my beloved blog haha😀

Okay how bout ur second episode? Alhamdulillah my first expression i met pn.wan yesterday is like this😚😚😁😁😀😀 why? Haha i finally fully enter form 1 classes.

My first class was 1 berlian the students qUite okay..they listen to my arahan. Okay bla bla bla then my last class i enter was 1 nilam. The students were too noisy but i dont care because thres no class in front them so if they made noise nobody cant hear. Lol i guess!  So the students kinda friendly*patutnye akula kena friendly* they ask me a lot but i just told them "okay nanti kita berkenalan yer* haha ..thats all i Think for yesterday story how bout today? Lol too many things to be told guys just wait for the next post 😙😙😭😭😂😂😎😎

Monday, 27 October 2014

Cikgu ganti


Seeelamat pagi cikguu! Thats what i heard yesterday. ALHAMDULILLAH all praises to Allah finally i got something to do during my holiday.

I'm a teacher now! Excited? Not really but so so la. The thing is i wanna be a cikgu because i wanna get experience on how to teach n handle students. Inshaa allah i hope that this part time career will also help me in preaparing myself before i enter degree's life soon.

How was my first day? Okay actually yesterday i have to meet the principal of that school but shes not in so i have to wait for the penolong kanan but she also not in. So all the teachers told me that i can start my duty yesterday although my memo from ppd still not taken by principal. They said it doesnt matter coz tomorrow means today i can  give the memo to the principal. My job is begin!

Btw im teaching at secondary school (high school)

First day

I deal with head of examination (pn.Wan) coz this week until thursday is exam week. Pn. Wan is really helpful. She gave me an exam schedule for form 1 n 2.  For exam week i dont have to follow the real time table for the teacher whom i replaced. Btw yeah i am a replacement teacher. Her name is pn.laily n shes a form 1 teacher. So starting from friday this week i have to follow her schedule but for the exam week i have to follow jadual anjal.

I enter 3 classes yesterday n they are all form 2 students. I thought it would be eazy for me to control them but i was wrong. All the three classes i've in was all not really genius students. They are naughty. Dont wanna talk bout this coz its make me laugh in tears haha but yeah i will improve myself for today.

My class finish at 6.45 pm. That moment was the most waiting moment in my life haha its too tired dude! For me i dont really prefer afternoon session * maybe bcause ive never been in afternoon session* it makes me tired n sleepy! Not really freshy when u r with book at the evening seriously! But what to do thts my country's education rule. 😒😒 they have to make two sessions because if the student capacity.

Orite till then. Wait for my next story huhu  pray for me guys! 😘😂😂