Friday, 1 May 2015



its been long time i've never post my entry. the reason is i dont have intresting story to tell. So for now i think i got one. haha

yup i'm addicted to english tv show called "Awkward" crazy huh? haha..
i watched a haunted house 2 alone then i found this one actress n she looks familiar. i mean i think i did saw her in a movie, others movie. Then i suddenly remember that shes also play role in a horror movie called " at the devils door". yup i watched that movie although i noe that movie has the lowest ranking ever.

okay so i google her. She is Ashley Rickards.omg she's beautiful :) i think i have girl's crush on her haha. kidding!
so i search her role in others movie. i look in u tube n i found the most sweetest kiss ever "jake and jenna " hahaha jake and jenna are the role's name in Awkward. I keep watching all the kisses by jake and Jenna.. LOL.
After i found its sooo sweet i told myself that i wanna watch the tv show. then, i download all seasons from season1 till season 4 damn! i watched it every single day. i couldnt stop !! i love it.

the thing is the final season which is season 5 still not come out but the trailer is already come out. they probably come out on August 2015. OMG. i cant wait that long n maybe i'm entering COLLEGE that time T_T please released earlyy !!!!

 i love Awkward so much!! love u guyss..muahhkss

p/s: i think i team brian hahahah..matty for sure =D
P/S/S: Collin so hawwwttttttt omggggggggg T_T i think they have chemistry a lotttttt why Jenna why :)
P/S/S/S: when i watch "Awkward i suddenly remember my high school life.... A lot of drama during that time.. and i think Awkward is the story of MY LIFE:)

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